In the Wee Hours


Softly I hummed a little melody,
while watching you dearest sleep soundly

I gazed at those blackened orbs,
while pulling up your loosened robe

I whispered a sweet I love you,
and waited to see you smile..
as if it says You do too

Softly I caress your bedraggled hair,
and grinned at the dirt that used to stick there

I do all this as I lay awake wth you in our bed
quietly contented, happily tired

Beaming with a promise of a new day with you
as I quietly wait till I could say “Good Morning Honey ko”.



In our Little World

All this time I was drifting

to the unknown

to the intrepid part of my soul

to a dauntless dream

where you my prince might reside

where I’m your queen

and all sorrows and pain shatters and hides

swimming in a forever melody of your sweet hums

delighting me, delighting you

until were ready to wake up

and face the world hand in hand.


Anong Natitira? / What is Left?



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Tahimik na nakatingin
sa iyong mga paggalaw
pinapakinggan ang iyong paghinga
inaaninag ang tinatago ng mga mata

Asan ka ba pupunta?
ano nga ba ang iyong nadarama?
Mahal ko bat tila nawala na
ang tamis ng ating pagsinta…



Watching you slowly move in our room
gathering your things, preparing to go soon
I listened to your footsteps and the sweet hums on  your lips
but your eyes stayed cold with every gaze that you gave.

What is happening to us?
what is that sadness that you kept?
Do I no longer make you smile, that used to form in your lips…