In the Wee Hours


Softly I hummed a little melody,
while watching you dearest sleep soundly

I gazed at those blackened orbs,
while pulling up your loosened robe

I whispered a sweet I love you,
and waited to see you smile..
as if it says You do too

Softly I caress your bedraggled hair,
and grinned at the dirt that used to stick there

I do all this as I lay awake wth you in our bed
quietly contented, happily tired

Beaming with a promise of a new day with you
as I quietly wait till I could say “Good Morning Honey ko”.



What Color is Us?

Colors of blue and black

is what you painted my heart on a faithless night,

words and stories that was shared

wrecked a piece of my trust that has long been scared.

Previously ‘ tis unscathed and strong

now left unsure and dismayed,

wondering if there’s a way or a redemption of some sort

to our black and blue promises that used to mean more.

…I had a vision I could turn you right
a stupid mission and a lethal fight
I should have seen it when my hope was new
my heart is black and my body is blue. – The Cardigans


Caveat to the eyes that move with intention

  to the tongue that gives splendor to the air

  to the touch that only holds you in your glory

 and sadly fades when life’s been sour and gray.

Caveat to those trhat see you only in your light

 and let go of your hand when you need to be held tight.

Caveat to the smiles whose eyes dont share their joy

 caveat my dear friend for their heart doesn’t hold yours.

To the eyes whose heart might not be in the right place

Whose eyes that only sees your faults and find happiness in your disgrace

Caveat to their wretched souls…