I ran back against the strong wind,

against the drops of water that slowly trickled and casted a sad somber feel,

the likes that imitates the sad love story we just saw.


I am about to say I am sorry,

I am about to plead my life with just these three words,

I am about to beg and give you the relish of seeing me in misery

Of Me not having You, in my Life, EVER.


But Alas like in every sad love story, your car arrived too early and mine came late

that I have to wilder through traffic, while yours was blissful.

I came at your door in despair, sorrow hanging on my shoulders and tears struggling not to fall..


But your already gone.


Gone, that you haven’t been able to hear how every bit of your

touch haunts me, how every soft whispers can still be heard inside my room,

how your embrace have made me courageous, how I hold you dear, how I treasure YOU!


Well, technically its when I HAD YOU.



Now this is our sad love story, true, painful and a sad cliche.



Who is there hiding in the dark
shadows play in their truest form
leaving only trails of doubts and forlorn
making no attempt to hide their scorn
as desire changes angels to beast ’til the morn.

image from myeviltwinsister.tumblr.om

Only the Eyes Asks

Breathing hard as my eyes danced with the sun’s rays

flickering, prancing, taunting my beaten face

I lie half awake as I wonder where you’ve gone

remembering your sly smile that beams at me

and lingers for a while…



Where you’ve gone?,

where you’ve been?

do you ever wonder what happened to me my friend?

Shaded Graves

Curious eyes that hide behind the shadows
watching and learning
seeking without understanding
baffled by the worlds hypocrites
entangled by their conscience
–and the wealth they seek

Dreary black eyes that knows only his mother tears
braving through the dusk til morn
shattering the chains of poverty and forlorn
gritting teeth with eyes aflamed
–shouting “I will never suffer again!”