I ran back against the strong wind,

against the drops of water that slowly trickled and casted a sad somber feel,

the likes that imitates the sad love story we just saw.


I am about to say I am sorry,

I am about to plead my life with just these three words,

I am about to beg and give you the relish of seeing me in misery

Of Me not having You, in my Life, EVER.


But Alas like in every sad love story, your car arrived too early and mine came late

that I have to wilder through traffic, while yours was blissful.

I came at your door in despair, sorrow hanging on my shoulders and tears struggling not to fall..


But your already gone.


Gone, that you haven’t been able to hear how every bit of your

touch haunts me, how every soft whispers can still be heard inside my room,

how your embrace have made me courageous, how I hold you dear, how I treasure YOU!


Well, technically its when I HAD YOU.



Now this is our sad love story, true, painful and a sad cliche.


Rock in the 80’s

I was born on 1985, Although I never got to hear and appreciate the 80’s music at that time, but my ear had been heavily used to the songs born on that period. (Thanks to my dads massive collection from cassette tape, records and VCD 😉 )

I love classic rock, mostly slow rock, a bit of heavy metal and anything in between the 80’s era. I know I’m a 90’s kid, i.e. growing up on the era of boy bands/ girl bands teeny bopper, bublegum sweet- touche cutesy OOps I did it again songs, but MAN! my soul belongs to the 80’s.

That’s why it’s not a big surprise if I’m in my dark thoughts I play Tears for Fears’ Mad World, in pits of heartbreak plays Rockwell’s Knife, or Don Henley’s Sometimes Love just Aint Enough or  Cryin by Aerosmith, or when I’m hopeful and gleams the promise of tomorrow I play, Ballad of Jane. Ayayay! I know I’m hopeless.

And now like a  groupie, obsess girl of the 80’s I have been watching Rock of Ages for the nth time. I know its not really a good film and the romance thing is quite premature, and its over the top and the lead female’s voice has that “squeak” sound to it. But Hey its about ROCK, its supposed to be over the top! its supposed to be outrageous and soulful and honest…and maybe squeak a bit! …but I love singing-along to it.

It’s the vibe, the energy, the theatrics, the lyrics.. it’s the Golden Age of Rock.

Honestly that is whats missing with the rock music of today, not just in the genre of rock but in most genres. In a period where the tune is much important than the lyrics it has really depreciated the value of the songs that has been produced. C’mon stop it with the auto tune and stop repeating a certain line 10 times just because you think it sounds cool and using na na na na as the chorus! and techno? who discovered that anyway!?

Might as well stop with the rambling before I hurt anyone’s ego, lets just listen, sing-along and worship with utter love, all hail rock! Glory to the 80’s music!

rock it.cheng

thats only henna guys