Only the Eyes Asks

Breathing hard as my eyes danced with the sun’s rays

flickering, prancing, taunting my beaten face

I lie half awake as I wonder where you’ve gone

remembering your sly smile that beams at me

and lingers for a while…



Where you’ve gone?,

where you’ve been?

do you ever wonder what happened to me my friend?


Isang Linggo

Sa kalagitnaan ng aking pagkahimbing

ngiti mo ang sa guni-guni ko’y gumigising

mga labing mapupula at manipis

inuulit sa isipan ang bawat halik na dumampi

Sa kahabaan ng aking paglalakad

inaalala ang kama’y na aking laging hawak

inaalala ang init nitong dala

habang sa paglalakad, ay kasa kasama ka

Ngayon sa gitna ng gulo at inga’y ng mundo

saking isipan at puso’y, alaala mo ang bumabalot

bumabalik na lamang, sa kaligayahang ating natamo

hangga’t matapos muli…

ang isang linggo.


I miss you
3 syllables
8 letters

A result of 5 days of being apart
Its crazy that I’m now counting
Pathetic that I’m wishing,
Absurd that I’m acting
like a teenage girl that is blushing.

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
repeatedly I scribbled as I held my breath
3 syllables, 6 syllables, 9 syllables
24 letters,
another 24 hours of wait.

Can’t you tell how much I miss you?



On being brave and being a woman, despite of..

Define happiness? what does it include? what do I have to feel?
what do I have to do to get a hold?
Define purpose? what does it consist? how do I know if I’m on the right track?
what should I feel?
Define love? what does it involves? what do I have to feel?
how do I know if its real?

Looking at the queen orb of the night I asked all these, wondering if she knows the answer, hoping she understands how I feel.
I had been holding on, had been striving, fighting, yet little by little my flame starts to dwindle, my eyes starts to ebb tears  and loneliness crept in.

I am Lost.. once again…
and there’s no one there to find me.


“Little Girl” – chengboiser

Brave little girl
stand tall with pride
pushed back your hair
wipe those tears aside
mend the wounds of your heart
let loneliness just sink
remember to keep the screams of your soul
utterly hushed and lay meek

Just don’t let them see it
don’t let them know how you feel
don’t let them see your hunger
never reveal your fears.

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