Losing that Lovin’ feeling


Only those who fight survives

‘tis what keeps repeating in my head

The hurt and disappointment lingers ever since

And not a damn good memory was left


I tried to reach the heaven for us dear

To be lifted up and hope for a reconciliation

But my mind keeps spewing cuss and hate

So does my heart that is buried in frustration


Now I think back of the days that gone by

For the ifs and should, might have brought change

Then again we are but mortals who hate and sin

and forget what is to love and show compassion.




Hi guys, I’m back well hopefully for good if inspiration will be good to me. Anywho I will be doing several Mariah Carey inspired poems or essay. Been in high heaven with her songs




This Love

Lingering again back to the days and nights when we thought we fully understand.


I am not foolish nor blind

I am nor crazy nor desperate

but what am I right now is a person who feels

Feels the throngs of passion,

of hurt and worries,

of desire and sweet anticipation,

Of one day meeting you.


Again these are the nights when I would stay up and linger, back to the days when I thought my world would be with you.


So now as I get myself back to sleep, I’d like to listen one more time to the music of my love.. the one that belongs to you.



Songs by Miss Angela Aki, a fave artist of mine.

Only the Eyes Asks

Breathing hard as my eyes danced with the sun’s rays

flickering, prancing, taunting my beaten face

I lie half awake as I wonder where you’ve gone

remembering your sly smile that beams at me

and lingers for a while…



Where you’ve gone?,

where you’ve been?

do you ever wonder what happened to me my friend?


I miss you
3 syllables
8 letters

A result of 5 days of being apart
Its crazy that I’m now counting
Pathetic that I’m wishing,
Absurd that I’m acting
like a teenage girl that is blushing.

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
repeatedly I scribbled as I held my breath
3 syllables, 6 syllables, 9 syllables
24 letters,
another 24 hours of wait.

Can’t you tell how much I miss you?