Losing that Lovin’ feeling


Only those who fight survives

‘tis what keeps repeating in my head

The hurt and disappointment lingers ever since

And not a damn good memory was left


I tried to reach the heaven for us dear

To be lifted up and hope for a reconciliation

But my mind keeps spewing cuss and hate

So does my heart that is buried in frustration


Now I think back of the days that gone by

For the ifs and should, might have brought change

Then again we are but mortals who hate and sin

and forget what is to love and show compassion.




Hi guys, I’m back well hopefully for good if inspiration will be good to me. Anywho I will be doing several Mariah Carey inspired poems or essay. Been in high heaven with her songs





Caveat to the eyes that move with intention

  to the tongue that gives splendor to the air

  to the touch that only holds you in your glory

 and sadly fades when life’s been sour and gray.

Caveat to those trhat see you only in your light

 and let go of your hand when you need to be held tight.

Caveat to the smiles whose eyes dont share their joy

 caveat my dear friend for their heart doesn’t hold yours.

To the eyes whose heart might not be in the right place

Whose eyes that only sees your faults and find happiness in your disgrace

Caveat to their wretched souls…


Shaded Graves

Curious eyes that hide behind the shadows
watching and learning
seeking without understanding
baffled by the worlds hypocrites
entangled by their conscience
–and the wealth they seek

Dreary black eyes that knows only his mother tears
braving through the dusk til morn
shattering the chains of poverty and forlorn
gritting teeth with eyes aflamed
–shouting “I will never suffer again!”