What Color is Us?

Colors of blue and black

is what you painted my heart on a faithless night,

words and stories that was shared

wrecked a piece of my trust that has long been scared.

Previously ‘ tis unscathed and strong

now left unsure and dismayed,

wondering if there’s a way or a redemption of some sort

to our black and blue promises that used to mean more.

…I had a vision I could turn you right
a stupid mission and a lethal fight
I should have seen it when my hope was new
my heart is black and my body is blue. – The Cardigans


Anong Natitira? / What is Left?



courtesy of yahoo.com


Tahimik na nakatingin
sa iyong mga paggalaw
pinapakinggan ang iyong paghinga
inaaninag ang tinatago ng mga mata

Asan ka ba pupunta?
ano nga ba ang iyong nadarama?
Mahal ko bat tila nawala na
ang tamis ng ating pagsinta…



Watching you slowly move in our room
gathering your things, preparing to go soon
I listened to your footsteps and the sweet hums on  your lips
but your eyes stayed cold with every gaze that you gave.

What is happening to us?
what is that sadness that you kept?
Do I no longer make you smile, that used to form in your lips…

Leaving Silently


Words that you left
brought sting to my eyes
tears poured and we wept
caused by the feelings that you kept

These are the unbearable cruelty
brought by illusions of a you and me
crashing us and burning
until time will surely leads to its unfolding

So for now just rise my love
for yesterdays aches has gone
today my heart is yours to play
but tomorrow it shall be mine.

The Beggar


image courtesy of thejournail.ie


Sitting alone in an empty house
I think of the tears that was shed last night
of the loneliness and hurt that my heart hides
has overwhelmed even the demon that I held inside
the yearning that I once had
and the smiles that thy lips once placed
has dissipated and turned into fears
which my heart has longed to erase
the fear of not having you in my life
made me cower and growl then lost my pride
begging that was what I did
I begged and plead and cried in pain
Darling I’m a beggar for your time and love
and with this I am torned, hurt and shamed.