I ran back against the strong wind,

against the drops of water that slowly trickled and casted a sad somber feel,

the likes that imitates the sad love story we just saw.


I am about to say I am sorry,

I am about to plead my life with just these three words,

I am about to beg and give you the relish of seeing me in misery

Of Me not having You, in my Life, EVER.


But Alas like in every sad love story, your car arrived too early and mine came late

that I have to wilder through traffic, while yours was blissful.

I came at your door in despair, sorrow hanging on my shoulders and tears struggling not to fall..


But your already gone.


Gone, that you haven’t been able to hear how every bit of your

touch haunts me, how every soft whispers can still be heard inside my room,

how your embrace have made me courageous, how I hold you dear, how I treasure YOU!


Well, technically its when I HAD YOU.



Now this is our sad love story, true, painful and a sad cliche.


Losing that Lovin’ feeling


Only those who fight survives

‘tis what keeps repeating in my head

The hurt and disappointment lingers ever since

And not a damn good memory was left


I tried to reach the heaven for us dear

To be lifted up and hope for a reconciliation

But my mind keeps spewing cuss and hate

So does my heart that is buried in frustration


Now I think back of the days that gone by

For the ifs and should, might have brought change

Then again we are but mortals who hate and sin

and forget what is to love and show compassion.




Hi guys, I’m back well hopefully for good if inspiration will be good to me. Anywho I will be doing several Mariah Carey inspired poems or essay. Been in high heaven with her songs




Sa biglaang pagkamulat

Sa isang iglap

Ang lumang mga sugat

muling  nagsipagbukas

Sa muling pagdanak

Sa puso sana’y maapuhap

Mga dating nasambit

Sa puso’y sana’y kumudlit.


Excerpt from the song by STING titled Fragile

“If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay”

“On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star, like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are, how fragile we are”

Ang Paghihimagsik


Sa araw na ito aking isisigaw

ang mga tagong mura na dati kong nais ihiyaw

isasampal ko sa sistemang bulok at puro kupal

ang galit ng mamamayan na matagal ng nangangatal


Aking wawasakin ang sistemang inyong binuo

isang kabulukang kayo lang ang may gusto

bayan kong mayayaman lang ang may boses at lakas

habang bingi at bulag naman sa taghoy ng sa iba’y nasasadlak


Ito ang rebolusyon ng bawat isa sa atin

ito ang paghihimagsik ni  Juan dela Cruz at ni Gloria Lanting

sa gobyernong walang pakialam at sa kakaunti lang may ngipin

putang*na talaga!!

sa boto ko, mo!… sana’y ginhawa ang ating makamit.