So this is how it feels
to be half mad
trying to UN-love you

To lay in bed for hours
not move and just cower
feel the tears and fears devour
unearth the last hope
then let it shatter
just lay meek
never speak
hoping tattered heart
would lay rest
with memories, it shall never seek

That’s how you become half mad
restraining the beating of your heart.


The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Fondly, softly
she would wait until he comes
rising slowly to the east
and there she would try to run

Sweetly smiling
gazing on his perfection
as the world rises
he brings delight to all creation

Quietly she looks
amazed and forlorn
to the great God of light
to the bringer of the morn

In her small corner she gazes
to the king, to her prince
whispering to the clouds
oh please let me see him again

But alas! its not to come
for he has to come down
the world will shift and his light will go
leaving her alone in the heavens
waiting again till the dusk and dawn

Where his light and her light
would finally be together,
’tis the sun and moon,

in a moment..be as One.



One of my fave violin covers.. Hope you like it as much a I love it.

A Little Piece of Heaven

Smiles that only came after a tear

A tight hug amidst our troublesome fears

A simple dish that is cooked with love

A lending hand to those who felt they have none

An ear for a friend who have a heavy heart

Simple words that might cure or save it, from breaking apart

Simple little things that might not mean a thing

All little pieces of love that brings a spot of heaven

                                — right there in your heart.


image courtesy of covermyfb.com





If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith

If He delays, He is increasing your patience

If He doesn’t answer your prayer, He is preparing the BEST for YOU.

– biblical sermons


Lead me Lord, even though at times I’d rather go along my way

help me take the right direction, take your road

Lead me Lord and never leave my side

All my days, All my life..

– popularized song by Gary V.