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Nais kong humimlay…

panandalian na maghihintay

makikinig na lamang sa mga yabag

sa maari mong pagbabalik;

ipipikit ang mga mata,

habang luha’y di pa tumitila

inaasam na sana’y sa pag gising ko

sa huli’t huli’y

ika’y muling makapiling.


The Hero Who Comes at Night

Looking out the window
gazing at the dark sky,
I saw the stars and reminded
how you’ve shone in the darkest part of my life.
And as I remember the days that went
I can’t stop myself from crying again,
the nights had been cold and days had been long
I am back in the former person you have known.
Dismayed by my decisions and a trouble is brewing
I wished for the stars,
for you to come and save me once again.

Save me My Love, please do come back
Save me from myself, please don’t let me go back.


And here’s a fave song of mine,  enjoy and listen to the lyrics.

“Well this feels like too much
(Can you take it away?)
And things won’t go my way
Now I’ll have to fade away, my friend”


“Oh God I miss your touch
(Can you take it away?)
The way that you keep me safe
I won’t let you fade away, my friend”

Leaving Silently


Words that you left
brought sting to my eyes
tears poured and we wept
caused by the feelings that you kept

These are the unbearable cruelty
brought by illusions of a you and me
crashing us and burning
until time will surely leads to its unfolding

So for now just rise my love
for yesterdays aches has gone
today my heart is yours to play
but tomorrow it shall be mine.


I knew a woman who used to gleam with hope
she married his man and bearforth his child
they lived in a hut and grew vines in her yard
she made him her world unto which her life revolve

But alas! that man wasn’t the man she used to love
his eyes got darker and in peril he became bitter
he abuses her in anger and drank through his frustrations
he became binded with hopelessness which is fueled by regrets.

Everyday you would hear of her cries and pains
and of a hungry child who has not eaten in days
her mind was left in dismal disarray
not knowing of anyone would help her in any way

Until one day she thought of running far
she took her garb and sneak out with her child
she left him on the floor on his drunken state
biting her blood tinge lips as she tried to escape

Now there they are lying cold on the streets
she snuggled her child who was softly sleeping by her side
her baby is pale while she has bruised and cuts on her skin
but nothing pains her more than the plan that’s sinking in.



I knew a woman who used to gleam with hope
she sold off her child to a stranger’s home
she was left heartbroken and pained with regrets
but that’s the only way she knew how her baby would live well.


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** poem inspired by an episode of REEL TIME: Misericordia CLICK HERE