At the beginning

  I was broken, apparently surviving when we first met. Sadness and disappointment has been my FRIEND for the longest time.  I relied on myself for far too long I didn't know how it is to be vulnerable, to actually depend on someone. To be cared for. A surprise came along, Unexpectedly. It was hard, difficult… Continue reading At the beginning



Old poems for a recent heart ache

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Miserable At Best

I was in love but that was yesterday
when I thought it all made sense
when I thought it was all part of God’s plan

I was hoping but that was yesterday
when I thought it was easier to just stay than to see you go
and when emotions run just like a river flow

I was trying to shut it but that was yesterday
when I thought seeing him will make it clear
and that my feelings for you would steer

I was feeling ok but that was yesterday…
when I thought that out of sight out of mind
could make my heart curl up and hide

Then again.. it was not the case with yesterday
when I was only thinking of him
and now I’m distracted by your coldness and petty whims
and I know I just can’t keep it from within
since I don’t wait and I…

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Mind games

I lay here thinking nothing but you.   On how I feel vulnerable and safe On how I always longed for your embrace, On how we stole each kisses on that dark lit hall, On how your smile, never fails to make me fall.   I lay here thinking nothing but you.   On how… Continue reading Mind games


Ang Pasahero

Minsan nakakatakot iangat ang paningin, pagkat baka may makakita sa mga luhang naiipon. Ingat baka may makatabi na makapansin Bka may makaalam na ikaw palay sa lungkot nababaon. Wag din masyadong damdamin ang himig ng musika, baka dahil ditoy ikay mapaluha. Baka bumalik ang sakit na nadama, baka maalala mo na ikay nilamon na. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dPpuBar6wyQ… Continue reading Ang Pasahero