Pikchur Pikchur


” Now hug”  the photographer said behind the long arse lenses, we stared blankly at her, the three know-it-all apathetic stooges sitting in a studio with their mom beaming on the sides saying ” Sige na ‘nak hug daw” ( cmon kids hug)

“We don’t hug”  finally my brother answered, I could see the photographer losing her patience so I just did what we do best to show our love to one another..

We Strangle each other.
















It was my mom’s birthday and she wants us to have our pictures taken, its been a long time since we did this and I could see she’s really excited to have all of us in the shot. It was funny cause the photographer wants us to look like loving cuddly siblings but nahh thats not how we do it, were goofballs and our love is best shown in sarcasm, physical torment and annoyance. My mom is the only one who was composed and has all her pearly whites in a perfect smile.

It suits her, its been a while since we goofed with her, since she joined our playful banter and endless nuisance to one another, its been a while to finally have our mom, be our mom.

Several more shots were taken and I’m pretty peeved that I didn’t practice my Miss Universe smile in the mirror last night, Deym! While my brother was in terror because his eye bags have bags already, and my sis was pestered by mom to smile. ( She doesn’t smile, she only laughs, grin or smirk)

Anyhow, we finally got through it and were seen laughing like crazed hyenas in the parlour of the studio as were browsing at all the shots. I chose mostly the candid ones to my moms dismay, I think it has more character, its us, its what we are, the not so lovey dovey kids of Esmeralda.

My mom was a trooper though, bearing the three maniacal, know-it-all, misers that grew up to be quite a useful citizen of the Philippines. 😀



posing 101, >.< we suck at this.. 😀


After all the hoopla we took her on a date, brought her to our favorite pizza place then let her have her first Starbs Chai latte, she was gleaming inside the shop its crazy. I could just imagine how it must have been when it was our first chicken joy meal in jollibee or our first balloon, or patting our first dog, did she saw the same gleam in our eyes? its like an epiphany, us raising our parents then seeing them raise us — does that make sense? I’m rambling.

hmm maybe next time we’ ll bring her to a bar? 😉






isang salita na miminsan nasambit
isang paghanga na may halong tamis
isang luha para sa bawat hinagpis
isang yakap sa mga hirap na tiniis

isang halik para sa mga gabing nagbantay
isang akbay sa palaging pag gabay
isang kindat sa kagandahang di nagmamaliw
isang pagmano sa babaeng kay galing.

Happy Mothers Week! 





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