What Matters Most

I used to dream of having everything
a posh car, a big house
a country home to dip when summer comes
a load of cash, an infinity card
a studded diamond necklace
and a ring that you just don’t see in any places
My own business, my own lot
a three-storey building that cashes in a lot

All of this I dreamt when I was young
when I thought of having everything
is what would everyone want
but ALAS! to my dismay such treasures is not enough
cause the treasure I’ve been wanting
is something I cannot have

A kiss and a hug
and I love you too and a soft touch
Your eyes, your lips
the stubble on your chin that my fingers longed to trace

Gold, money and fortune
such richness will never compare to you dearest
everything I have wouldn’t amount to anything
if its you My Love that I don’t have.

image courtesy of silverquotes.ph


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