For the Meantime…. Adieu

Kaya mo bang ipagkanulo sa pantas

ang mga pumatak na luha

kakayanin mo bang ipagkaila

ang lahat ng nadarama

kaya mo bang lisanin ang mga tinahak na landas

O ipagwalang bahala ang damdaming umaalpas.

Kakayanin mo ba? ito ang nararapat na alamin

Ambivalent, that’s how it felt today knowing the clock has started to tick and the finish line is within sight.  I tried to grasp every detail and put it into words,  a rhyming tale of my endeavors, yet I can’t even express the longing and the sadness it felt, the fear that is gnawing me even though a promise of a good life is near..

I can ask for you, but I won’t

I can pray for it, but I won’t.

There are things that must come naturally

In spite of it all, I wish you the best

and if ever I’ll choose between my career and happiness.. I would always choose you. 




I’ll be leaving soon my dear readers and I can’t promise that I’ll be able to write as much as I used to.. hopefully I’ll be able to write a few lines once a week, although that is an empty promise I would still try my very best to keep in touch.  Hopefully you’ll still be there.


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