A Love Letter to my Lover

I Love you, I hate you that’s how it is.

Sometimes I just don’t want to see you,
at times your silence is deafening, most of the time you wouldn’t even give back
at times no words came back.. no reassurances, not even a sweet hi or a nice thanks, a hello and goodbye.

Although there are nice days, when you would remember I’m here, you would tell me stories, sometimes you would share your rants and peeves, at times you make me cry, at times I weep in anguish, at times I giggle and would blush by your dirty talks and playful words.

But most days, you bully me like an elitist, like a knife you would stab me, hurting me, prodding me to stay away and just leave it all behind. At times I would just sit there and wait for you, hoping that maybe you would share your warmth, and tell me that I did good, maybe give me an award and show me that you do care; Oh how I beg for thee…like a child I would mumble and opt to stop and leave, then again how could I go away from the passion that you made me feel, from the addiction that we have- when I would willingly succumb, for the 2 years that we shared.


oh how I hate and love thee…

WordPress… Happy Anniversary 😀



Hi Lover Happy TWO YEARS!


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