The Visitor

Shadows engulfs him as he open the door to his room. most of the lamps is turned off and the only thing that gives light to the area was the lava lamp that gave a red glow.

Where is she? it’s already 3 am why isn’t she in bed?, he walked towards the bathroom hoping to see her, he saw the black dress on the floor as well as her intimates. What has gotten into her? he asked himself, then he felt a cold finger touching his nape, then towards his neck, working on his shirt undoing each and every button.

” Hon what are you doing?” he asked as he stood tall feeling her body closed in on his back. He saw her image in the mirror, eyes black and deep, lips in a half a smile, body naked with her nipples perked as if ripe for the picking; her lithe body slowly coming in closer as it touches his back, her boldness surprised him.

” Wanting you” she answered in a slow whisper. He stiffened as his shirt was taken off and as she slid her hands inside his pants and everything seemed to head south in his head.

She was dancing on top of him in the sheer red glow of the night, the sound they made echoed in the room and through the hall of his apartment. His moans and her cries mingle, as sweat combined to show his rough motion as he staggered towards their peak and heavenly bliss.

“Your perfect” was all he could say to her as his vision suddenly turning to haze. he tried to grab her hand, the naked woman who was slowly going away.

“Hon come back to bed” he begged her one more time. She only smiled and puckered her lips for a kiss, and gently whispered.

“Wake up now baby, it’s already 6:30”

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