Insanely Waiting

I have a very big problem today, yes that big I can’t get any sleep at all. Its even worse than waiting for my board exam result, or the result of my battery exam or what I call the “weeding”. Our good institute has thought of cutting the batch in half by giving yet another exam and interview post first year, Perhaps they thought that will make us feel privileged if we got in and work hard even more.

Anyhow, I was tossing and turning in my bed, my mug can’t seem to hold enough water to satiate my thirst and every book seems boring and predictable that I can’t seem to stop to roll my eyes.

I have finish listening to my violin instrumental covers , Opm (original pinoy music) playlist and now I’m in my 80’s ballads ayayay, nothing seems to work with my relaxation therapy. I’m getting fidgety and I think anytime soon my right eye will start to twitch if I don’t get to control this madness.

My madness obviously, is not something I could easily destroy and conquer. Unfortunately it involves someone else and the entire rationale process of my brain. See I found out I cared too much, and I can’t help myself not to care even more since I have no idea what happened to this creature ( lets call him minion) that my brain has decided that his safety and health is more important than my sanity.

I have even laid off from caffeine or anything that will stimulate myself. Yes I am trying to trick my brain to ease up a bit and just let it go. Thing is, she (brain) knows me too much that my trickery doesn’t seems to work, and she fights off by putting connection of these songs to that creature. See how bad she is to me? she’s even using my memory bank.

So now, I am typing this whole crap just to let her know how I much I hate her guts, that is if she has her “own” gut.

( oh no! my gut, I was not referring to you )

And because of the greatness of my utterly bullish yet romantic and rebellious brain, she suddenly remembered a song on which I haven’t heard for a long time and want to dedicate it to minion. Ok fine, I’ll put the song in this post.. happy now?!

Sorry guys, I’m not really losing my mind… well maybe a bit? 😀

And to this very important creature, to you minion, goodness I need to hear from you, I’m sick of being worried and my brain will go into hunger strike ( if she can ) unless she knows you’re in a field of daisies and butterflies with fairies taking care of you. She misses you.


( and the heart said she seconds to that)



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