The Masochist

Tasting the blood in my lips
I could feel a surge inside me
smiling as he pushed me aside
hoping by his abuse my love for him would finally die

blurred vision suddenly kicks in
as I reached out my arms to hold him
whispering for him to rest in my arms
and promising that I’ll never part

then he laughed at my dumbfounded face
knowing how deep he could hurt me this way
he knows exactly how I feel
every time he shuns and rejects what I hold dear

tears suddenly fell.. my eyes suddenly swell..
bitter taste of mine blood on my lips
made me puke and disgusted by my pathetic plea

do it, kill it, hurt me my love
but please do kiss first this mine own lips
then go ahead and tell me you don’t want me to stay
crush all my hope and leave this heart astray.


Forever gone, Forever you by Evanescence


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