Shooting like Cupid

Love snaps, that’s the theme that is posted by Natgeo for this week up until March 7, it’s the assignment for those photography pros, enthusiast or just any guy or gal who is in love with the craft. You guys can actually join and be a member  CLICK HERE

So, love snaps? moments of love? love moments? photos of love? you-and-I-against-the-world moments? Hmm seems easy right, but really how do you show love in its true essence and capture it in a film?

Will a simple kissing couple suffice? or a mother in labour? or two old couple holding hands and having coffee together? or a dog and his owner in a sprint?

How would you capture the emotion and not just the action which will make people say “awww how sweet”

I myself am just an enthusiast and I’m still trying out street photography especially every Friday in the streets of Manila. Yep! you would see me walking from Morayta down to the corner of Recto, then to Gonzalo Puyat, then Quiapo.

But now capturing love? just reading the editors notes I could feel my shoulder feeling the weight and the pressure of getting a good shot. No! not just a good shot, but a unique, emotion-filled shot.

Now how do I do that? It already takes a lot of my patience to wait for the right moment to take a shot that I think has a story in it. Now I have to think of the composition and not just the creativity and the lighting, as well as making sure nobody tries to grab my cam and make a run for it (snatcher!), as my mind wanders off in an endless play of Vincent with VanGogh’s Starry Night on the background. ( lutang lang )

Honestly, it’s getting hard, sometimes I prayed to dear Lord that I’ll get a shot.. oh please I want to get a good shot, I don’t mind not being published, I just wanted to satisfy my need to take a shot that I’m happy with.

So what about you guys, how would you capture love?

Love will force itself upon you.. even if you don't want it.

Love will force itself upon you.. even if you don’t want it.


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