Musings of a Three Day Cardiac Change

The heart is a fickle piece of machinery, its has its ups and downs, it has its curve balls and annoyances, its kindness and greatest moments. It will not always respond to what you want, but it will make you feel what you need and I think every one wants to be with the one they need and also be needed.

Everyone wants to feel like their “enough”..   Sapat na ako kahit marami pang MAS sa buhay mo..


—— February 14—–
The playfulness of the moon brought joy and longing to my heart,
I dare not ask for any answers this time
but its whispers was a blessing of which I will not part
I came to see the reality of how beautiful life could be
If I were to just set myself free
I would be glorified by His love and endless promises
I would be shown mercy and joy of a hundred fold
I would finally have peace from those that have kept me binded
And relish in his promise when I asked,  “what could be?”

——February 15—–
I smiled back to those searching eyes with lips that are in half a smile,
I grinned at the sudden interest and of a particular promise,
I flirted with every turns and flips of my hair with eyes that says Hi
I dare him to come to me with that dashing smile..

—-February 16—–

She’s throwing in the towel for she just had enough. The actions with the nay-sayers had finally broke her apart and the restlessness of his fickle heart has made her turned her back..
She no longer wants to abide by his rules, She wouldn’t want to be stepped on and be his doormat, She’d rather be the one who will come in his life just ONCE…make him feel loved, gamble her soul for it.. then leave before her heart is crushed..

She’d rather be the one that got away…


Give it to me Baby

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