Surprising fluke


STOP IT! Before judging me of this I should tell you I’m not really into horoscope or fortune-telling stuff BUT! being a girl, I kinda fancy reading it just for kilig  (giddiness) purposes.

After a busy day of photo shoot with my all too energetic and uncooperative subjects which were my dogs and the sky. I went back to my usual routine which is checking my Natgeo account, listening to Critical care review, a sing off to YouTube with a friend; I sing while he does an interpretative dance or vice versa (hammer time)  and reassuring myself that I will not be a hypochondriac; I then checked my horoscope after dinner time, why at the end of the day? because I want to see if they got it correct this time. Anyway, today the Virgo sign made me say  OOOHHH AAAHHH  OWWWW LALA 😀

Words can’t express my surprise since a couple of hours ago, IT DID occur and I was left beaming like Ronald McDonald on your birthday party. YES! I was that happy, weird and scary happy. The overwhelming joy of seeing this person again is unimaginable since we had a letdown and I kinda did something awful.. yet he still came through.

Whats funny is that, It was all to sudden and exciting at the same time even though it’s not something that I wanted right now, but the thrill and the joy of his company is something I have missed for so long that a silly fortune from yahoo, who we know can sometimes be too generic could hit the nail on the head and make me blush like a pink rose.

Oh horoscopey masters of the sun-moon-universe sometimes your suprises or flukes can make anyone scream like a little girl..  Hmmm..  definitely a kilig to the bones moment, can’t wait for the coming days 😀


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