Getting to Know You

Whats the most happiest and unforgettable experience you had? this question stayed with me after a wonderful lunch date, I just smiled at him and asked “as of now? ummm” which then followed by a long hmmmm.

It was funny since none came to mind, he was waiting for me to say something. Something good, something that maybe will make him laugh or perhaps inspire him or make him say wow, but I had none on my sleeves. From all the experiences I’ve had, places I’ve traveled and lived in I can’t pick a specific moment where it is happy and unforgettable at the same time.

Actually its easy for me to smile especially if I’m in a good mood. Laugh? easier.. but happy and unforgettable? nahh. I’ve come to a point in my life that a simple question stomped me. In my head an array of memories pops in but none is qualified to be called the “happiest unforgettable moment”. I know its easy to just lie and pick something for conversations sake but I’d rather not lie to a person whom I just met just to make it look like I had an exciting joyful life.

He just laughed at my lack of answer, or perhaps it’s because I was staring in the air for too long with a dunce look on my face. Anyway I just told him I have none.. perhaps a childbirth would change that. In which he laughed harder and offered his services. (DOUCHE!) Wtf?! Did he just asked me to accept his sperm and make babies?

Anyhow, I casually told him he doesn’t have the required height, skin color ( I prefer moreno), shoulder width, teeth symmetry and a nice package. (boom! man down)
It was a crazy afternoon but luckily his wits and humor was able to coincide with mine. I reckon most men would feel offended to my answer, but that’s what you get if you ask a girl to be the daddy of her unborn child.

Going back, he told me his moment was when he was finally able to buy the car that his father wanted. He said he felt so proud that he was able to give back to his dad who worked overseas for more than 20 years. I could see the love that this guy had, and the sincerity of his answer. His intention was sincere, his love is overwhelming and his pride as a man who was able to support and give back to a loved one is priceless. I also work overseas so its nice to meet someone who values the hardships and loneliness we experience.

“Good job” was all I could say to him, he smiled in response a bit embarrassed by the touchy-moment. Maybe he revealed himself too soon, but it was a breath of fresh air to meet a guy who opens up and not act all manly and super cool. He was just being himself, annoying, maybe conceited? yet buttered and soft on the inside.

Looking at him, I wished I have a moment like that too. I wish for a lot of things, hopefully they would be appreciated by the people whom I’ve shown my endless love and affection. Perhaps its even selfish to ask for gratitude and appreciation, but sometimes, I just wanted to hear a thank you or an I love you.

Anyway, I asked him if he wants to get some ice cream on which he said yes; I smiled as we left the restaurant and walked a floor down towards the takeout booth of McDonald’s; As I pass him the sundae, he scooped the ice cream as were walking and said thank you as he winked at me. I laughed at his Mr. Suave antic, (AS IF!?) still it might not be the “happiest unforgettable moment” but it sure does feel nice to hear it from a new-found friend.


What about you do you have  a happiest unforgettable moment?


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