The Day I said Goodbye

It was hot and humid that day, reluctantly you came near me, gazing with those big orbs and long lashes that you have. I tried to make you smile by squinching my face and trying to be all cute, you gave me a small smile but your eyes remained the same.

I walked past you, and you didn’t say a word. You just followed us to the main door, took pictures with the group and slowly held my hand; I felt my body froze as your fingers interlaced with mine. I wish I could cry, I wish I could tell the world your mine, that we love each other.. but sadly we can’t. We stood there smiling at the cameraman, saying cheese or sex or whatever word it is that will open our mouth in a half smile. It was the nicest thing that happened that day.

Soon after they were giving me hugs, bidding farewell and endless advices and promises, words are wind as what George Martin would say, but I just let them be and nod respectfully as my ears heard nothing, but remained focus on your voice.. BUT you were just looking at me, not a word came from your mouth.

I boarded the minivan, and you didn’t even follow. At the airport you called me up, and said sorry

sorry for not following, sorry for not hugging me, sorry for not saying goodbye, sorry for not fighting for US.

I remained silent, none of the apologies matter anyway. I packed my bags so as we could lead different lives, lives that we thought we’ll both share.

“Ok” was all I could muster to say then I turned off the phone and break the sim card in two.

It was all that is left to do anyway.






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