Old Treasures and Old Faces


During the weekend I have been busy piling up my old things and organizing them all in a box. From clothes, to gifts, to high school letters to exes memorabilia ( kunyare dead lol ) it was a lot of fun rummaging on everything and taking them out of a box and putting it somewhere else for safe keeping. I’m a bit of a pack rat so I try my best to keep those things that have memories in them.; like old yarn bracelets, to slam book, to the paper rose that my first crush gave me  (kilig to the bones!), from old rings to perfumes that I never use since it bear the scent of the person who gifted it to me ( ambango nya), to Pokemon and  Naruto’s Deidara stuff toy.( My future kids will have a lot of toys 😉 )

I was reading my journal and some old notes, and was surprised that I had some of my old poems, ballads and ramblings that are dated since 2002. I just laughed at the stupidity, the ignorance and the naivety on some of my observations and writings. My Goodness how fast time flies isn’t?  life has been so much simpler, you only get to write about how to wake up at 4 am since you’re class starts at 7, or how to budget 200 pesos when you live at the boundary of Bulacan and Caloocan and you have to go to Espana everyday and how not to sleep during Statistics class, Hayy (sigh) troublesome.. but that was my problems back then.

Now life seems to go by very fast, your problems get to be complicated, your principles get to be tested, your temper will be pushed and every action really does have an equal reaction. Its like playing chess only its TOUCH MOVE.

I just have to jerk my head on the negativity that is piling in my head. I know I should be optimistic, heck there’s no use worrying about things that has not occur yet, the best thing to do is trying to live life fully and try to be the person that our creator would be proud of.

So instead of thinking too much and acting like a worry-wart, I just played a game of spot the difference from old photos of me and my friends. When we used to have bangs, and sport hairbands, when were all single, and  dating is just dating. nothing serious.

Hmm OMAYGAD were getting old!


then and now



Me and ROSE  2013

Me and ROSE


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