Changing career?

A few days ago I helped my brother check some papers from his clients, He is an accountant who aspire to be an auditor and for the past few days now he has been having migraine.
Well, I’m a nurse right? I believe I’m a nurse so I did what a loving sister would do.. hand him a glass of water and paracetamol and shooed him off the couch. hahah

“Bait mo naman” (you’re so nice) He said sarcastically, as he move aside and pop the pill. I just grinned as I took the papers from him and made a deal that I’ll help him check out financial reports as long as he pays me 50 pesos.
Hmm I reckon I could use that to get some trims for my mane. ( sideline din kung may time)

This wont be the first time that I helped him checked the reports made by other accountants, I asked him why do you have check it when someone else already did.. which he replied nicely

” Because this came from the branch and I’m in the head office”

“Ohhhh so are they your posy?” I asked

“No” he replied

“Are you the head accountant” I asked again


“Then why do you have to recheck?” I asked worried that someone Β is bullying my baby brother

“hayyyy… Because I have to.. Or ELSE” I grinned as I saw the irritation in his eyes.. LOL I love doing that to my brother, it’s like seeing butterflies in a smog-filled road. And nope I’m not the youngest, I’m actually the eldest but I show my love and affection by annoying them.. sweetly hehe πŸ˜€

Anyway he got some chips to stop me from pestering him and asking questions about the receivables and payables

( I know that because I studied book-keeping in high-school)

It worked for a while, but that was only after I saw the papers.. My goodness I now know that I am in the wrong field. I shouldnt be saving lives, and treating patients, I should have been a Liaison officer! Why? because they get to go to different places, check in at hotels, get to eat at restaurants, travel to and from different cities and get to ride a taxi from Fairview to Mandaluyong! c/o the company’s money! WOW!

For christ sake sosyal! Its like living the life of a simpleng mayaman but the spending came from your company. AMAZING!

I was rambling for a full 10 minutes with the expenditures that was written, I can’t remember how many question marks I made with the accounts, how could a bus fare from Cubao to Pacita changes from 60 pesos to 65 pesos in one day!? CORRUPTION!

“Your officer took 5 pesos!” I would tell him

Smiling he would just say “Aok, encircle it” then gets back to his files

I was so driven to check any misdeeds, any changes that are not of usual spending or cost, that it seems like I’m working for COA and I have the files of the Senatongs And MandaramBONGS (corrupt Philippine officials)

After an hour, my bro took the papers and said its fine he could finish it at work.. “awww but I want to catch the bad guys” my mind would say and like a child I tried to look at those that he finished making sure that I did good. Satisfied I just let him took my evidence as I lick the ice cream he bought me.

Hmm I’ll get you next time corrupt liaison officers.. This wont be the last! Har har


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