Should I? a Fish out of Water

Found a message in my gmail this morning, I was fixing my files when I just found out I was asked to be a contributing writer for a blog that gets a lot of hits and have a good standing of followers and articles. I was honored ofcourse, thats the reason I’m blogging about it now! I know I am just a rambling opinionated girl and not a degree holder of creative writing or any of that sort; that’s why I was surprised with the irony. I wanted to do it, like really really would like to.. BUt, the sites palette and the story it covers made me doubt my capability to write something objectively since I know for a fact that I have strong feelings of animosity to the subject matter.

Frankly I don’t like the subject, I am an antagonist with the maniacal laugh in their fairy tale, and writing about it would either make me a vengeful crappy writer either with a drug addiction or alcoholic persona, OR a bitter sad olde witch trying to sugar coat all the sh*t (forgive my mouth) SEE! 😉

I wanted to be objective, fair, yet how can I when all I can think about is how they bullied us, how they threaten us, how they have bitch-slap our defenses and showed in our faces that our coast guard is “almost” non-existent. That our government doesn’t have the balls to say no to their crap. I’m frustrated to the government and to that backyard bully.

Since the last quarter of 2013, I already told myself I wont take any shit anymore, if it needs to be said, I’ll say it. No more holding back, it’s either you get heard or be mummed forever. I chose the former. cause that would uphold my  principles and opinion.

Sadly.. as much as I’d want to. I can’t, I’d be like a fish out of water.. 😦




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