Dark Beauty


We have been dazzled by artists caricatures and paintings, we have marvelled at different landscapes, towers and sculptures, we gawk at the high-rise building, the never-ending display of architectural ingenuity and design. Amazing isnt? such a weak human spirit able to create marvel, beauty that transcends time and sometimes gives hope and inspiration.

Last night I was in awe and stared at one of the greatest showstopper that this life has to offer, with its beautiful play with lights and its marriage to the darkness, its opacity and at times clearness, its mystery and the stories behind its beauty. None has marvelled the world as much as the moon did.

Yes guys, I was moon-bathing again, and yes I am sick like before 🙂 (third week in a row that I’m sick geesh!) Going back, the display last night was an eerily beautiful. Why? because the moon has a halo around it, a burst of light surrounding the white orb as if it’s illuminating more of its radiance. If the moon is a woman, that’ll be her bling bling.

Why is it eerie? because it was pitch dark, like dark dark! I didn’t see any clouds nor stars; just the moon showing off and the cold wind sending goosebumps on my skin, it made me wish I ask someone to watch it outside with me.
Anyhow, since I was sick I dare not spend a lot of time outside. I was happy with the shots I got. I remembered the super moon last year, when the moon was that big and close, and when the moon turned red. Yikes! I was sure that some night flying monsters would grab me from above and eat my entrails at any moment. Not to mention the eclipses, when our ancestors thought that the moon is gone.

The ludicrosity is beyond me but our curiosity and love for the Orb queen will never cease as long as its mystery and its beauty revel us all.



P.S.  I woke up to the sound of birds today, I was already expecting a scene from Snow White and the Seven dwarfs where I would sing and they would sing along to my beautiful sultry voice (Heh!) Anyway, as I was looking out, I saw a beautiful marvel of clouds playing an orchestrated dance to the wind. Hmm I think THEE grand painter is busy trying to mesmerize me huh, move aside Da Vinci the original master of the arts is busy showing off.







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