Starting Fresh


Happy New Year to all of us! three days passed since we flipped our calendar and most of us are still in that hyped up mood. Most are actually eager to write down their resolutions, plans and their “How-to’s” for the coming months.
the how to get loose that holiday weight, how to get that promotion, blah blah hoopla.

Well congrats to the enthusiasm guys, although most are also in their post holiday blues ( bitin? ) and probably dreaming of lounging for several days. I just had to smirk and bit my tongue so I wouldn’t start my “I told you so” finger wave. :p

I guess everyone was just in a rush to have their vacation plans to pull through that they forgot the one most important thing to do… which is to have a vacation”. I.e relax, take a breather, simmer all the stress down to the last inch of your skin, take it slowly and relish life.

Everyone was in a hurry to go out for a night of debauchery, partey and gatherings that we forgot to recharge; Not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We need to regroup ourselves, think back on what we need to do and failed to do, what we set loose and what we gained, what we loved and what hurts us.

Did anyone count their blessings? have you said thanks to the people who mattered and helped you change to a better you? Have you done something that your body will thank you for it? Have you thank yourself and gave yourself a pat in the back for making it through 2013?

NO? not even a tiny bit.. eeny minny one?

Well, tomorrows a weekend it’s not too late to get in touch and go back to what matters, before we head out and plan the remaining 362 days of 2014; Cmon! its time to really start aFRESH.

starting fresh

Ending notes of my 2013 journal/planner


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