TRES. Climb on top of a mountain

Yep, I always wanted to climb a mountain, I tried urban trekking before in Tagaytay but its different when you do it in the province where the air is cool, the people has a different dialect and everywhere you look screams NATURE.

Last 2011, Me and several of my cousins went on a trek to Hanginan, Southern Leyte. It was a site of pilgrimage since there is a chapel on top of the mountain. I actually wrote about this on my other site  CLICK ME

We got ready early in the morning and made our way to the foot of the mountain before the sun is way up high, it was one of those fun climbs we usually do, the difference this time is we really climb to the top, and were hoping for spiritual satisfaction and guidance.

There are a lot of sights to see on the way, from the rice fields and the farmers, the music of early morning harvest or planting? I have no idea. I just saw people on the other side. We saw a lot of kids, small, minutae, key-chain like kids who were smiling and running after us without underpants. Were chuckling as we welcomed them and gave them some of our snacks on which they accepted and ate heartily. We even have to divide the biscuits because a little one told us as he wipe his snot from his face, with teary eyes, that some of the bigger kids wont share.

Awww.. ok ok I have more biscuits 🙂 don’cha cry.

Going back, the view is just awesome! from the other side you’ll see fields, on the other the vastness of the blue sea with the cool  wind sweeping in your face. The scenery will surely make you realize how blessed we are to have such gifts.

We were able to finish the climb for two hours, then prayed in the chapel, tried the local delicacy and sweets before going down. It was tiring but the experience was memorable since, we made that journey for our grandma’s health, we had a lot of laugh along the way, our ivory skinned got a bit more tanned (LOL ivory?! ) just kidding, Ok our caramel brown skin got even darker.. were mocha now. (my cousin likes to call it choco chip) 😀

Anyway we promised this wont be the last, although were reaching 30’s now and married life is looming,  hopefully we get to have a few time to spare and bond once again.


Some of my cousins and aunts at the port of Cebu
bakasyonista kuno 😉


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