Sickness strikes on a New year

First of January, most people would be up and about planning their trips, and last-minute gatherings or family luncheon or dinner dates before the holiday bids goodbye and were all back in the daily grind of life.

Exciting eh? yah all of you are busy (grunts :/

Me on the other hand, woke up light-headed with a bad cramp and body malaise. What the heck happened to me?!

I swear I wasn’t drunk from the New year’s dinner, I didn’t even had some wine, just some ladies drink and water to flush it off. But my body screams, Go Back to Bed!! Found out its the first day of my cycle, so yey! I have a working ovary,  but heck No!, I’m sick as a lovesick old maid waiting for Napoleon to come home.

Geesh first day of the year and I’m spending my day in my room, cuddled up in bed. Good thing I finished re- arranging ( feng shui ng?:) the room, and changing my bed spreads to green and browns. (Year of the wood horse lucky colors ;))

Anyhow, it was a nice cuddle with my pillow, would be even nicer if there’s a human being to cuddled with but hey, I’m not complaining, in God’s time right?

I just hope my cuddle time wouldn’t make 2014 a less productive one for me. Knowing I started the year off in bed, with a mug on the side, a bunch of 500mg paracetamol, some mefenamic as well,  a few ube pao and knick knacks. YIKES, God forbid a SEDENTARY, SICKLY YEAR!



dead as a mule in bed


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