Dos. See a dolphin/ whale show

When I was a young girl I never really dreamed of being a nurse, nor being a part of the medical community. I was interested, heck I love to look at pictures of amputated people in our medical encyclopedia.. but it never really occur to me to have that as a career. You see when I was young I wanted to become a Marine Biologist.

I dreamt of studying under sea creatures, the different plants and the layers of the soil and the types of ecosystem that a body of water has. I enjoyed reading science books, especially oceanography. I was really into that stuff! Looking back perhaps the inclination is brought about by watching Free Willy a dozen times :p I was nine years old then and I’m already working my arse off just to learn about those.

But of course time changes everything, we grow up and reality sets in; There’s just no way my parents would let their first-born be a researcher,  aside from financial instability, the opportunity for that kind of job in my country is a dead ringer.

Even though I didn’t become one, I still dreamt of seeing those creatures.. so you could just imagine my delight when I found out that a dolphin/whale show has been established here in my country. Heck I have always been scared that Shamu will die without me seeing one like him.

Last 2011 as soon as I got home from my three-year work in the Middle East, I planned to go to Subic and see them for myself, the creatures I had been dying to see since Willy got famous.


I know that’s not a whale shark, It’s a dolphin! but there was a whale in the show and I was too transfixed to get my cam while he is performing. Ergo no photo, my fascination with whales resulted me to forget to take that shot.

He demands my full attention.

Aside from that I get to see other sea creatures, Yay! (haha) I know know, you must be probably laughing at me, on how silly I must sound to you guys, but remember I wanted to work with these animals since I was nine and you have no idea how it feels to actually see them eye to eye.

Its like having your first kiss, the shock and excitement is palpable.Image

The show consists of a presentation about conservation then a whale and dolphin show and then the sea-lion show, and the last would be the other wildlife show. Kids would love this I’m telling you. it’s a good start for them to love the environment and the ecosystem, and maybe they might want to become a marine biologist as well 😉


me, sis, mom and cuz 🙂


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