UNO. Travel abroad by myself

Well as I’ve pointed out it’s a done ‘ish? since I wasn’t really able to visit the main city and I just stayed in my hotel room most of the time and eat out at the nearby restaurants. It’s not really the perfect timing for a relaxing getaway trip, its more of a I’m-tired-sleepy-hungry-monster who just wants to kick back in my hotel room.

Anyway, traveling alone is fun. Chatted with a lot of people while waiting for our hotel concierge to pick us up. the driver is friendly and shared stories of how he enjoyed his stay in Brunei. Climate is awesome, I love it in there, not too hot, not too cold and as what the driver has said.. they don’t usually have any strong typhoons coming in. The drive from the airport to the hotel has been breezy, although I wasn’t able to see any major buildings or architecture ( I think this airport is strategically situated outside of the city  to deter traffic volumes) I had fun taking quick snaps of the roadside while the driver tell tales of great places we should go to.

45 minutes later we arrived at the hotel, it was a clean, nice looking hotel, perhaps a 3 star. I forgot the name though but they offer good service and the employees are nice.As soon as I get to my room, I just kicked back and slept. It was only during lunch time that I woke up and started to check out what my room has to offer. A soft, white plush double sized bed, 21 inch tv with cable, hotpot, hair straightener, coffee, tea, mugs, shampoo and a whole lot of toiletries that I can’t stop sniffing just to make sure that It wont destroy my natural scent. LOL ( I’m afraid of the unusual organic products ) 🙂

After the smellathon, I went for a walk outside of the hotel, Chinese restaurants swamp the area, although there are an ample number of Turkish to Arab restaurants as well. I dine in on Chinese resto, I want to try the Peking that the father and son was having on the next table but the size of it put me off.. I’m not that hungry to eat the whole thing, so I settle for some soup, chicken with rice and dumplings on the side. It was a great meal 😛 my tummy was so happy.

After meal, I thought of going to the main market but since I was so tired and sleepy and well, I can’t find a driver to drop me off.. I just settled for a hibernation until 6 pm comes in, and I got ready for the airport.

Hopefully next time I get to see the sights of Brunei.. I promise there will be a next time.


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