As soon as I got my degree and license I thought of making a bucket list. For a young 20 years old being independent is important. The promise of one day I’ll be able to enjoy and be capable of such is a something I look forward to. 

The Bucket list of my 20 years old me  and its updates of course  😛

( as of 2005 )

1. travel abroad by myself — done ‘ish ( 5/2010 Brunei Darussalam)
2. see a dolphin/whale show — done (12/2011)
3. bungee jump
4. buy a vehicle
5. attend a MJ concert — never gonna happen 😦 he’s deceased
6. join an otaku or goth cosplay event
7. participate in a fun run
8. experience winter. snow is a must.
9. climb on top of a mountain — done (4/12 hanginan, southern leyte)
10. watch an acclaimed broadway/musical show
11. be a part of a fraudulent activity 😀 lol — done ( 6,7,8,9 2012)
12. swim with dolphins
13. ride an elephant
14. get drunk while on a campfire — done! and darn proud of it! (5, 2012)
15. unauthorized activity in a public place — done (2009)
16. unauthorized activity in a body of water
17. join a cruise
18. provide a second wedding for my mom and dad
19. join a medical / outreach program — done November 2013
20. out-of-town trip with young pips in our clan ( no oldies included) — done May, 2014

(as of June 2013)

21. Get to see the Aurora Borealis
23. visit Giza and or Alexandria
24. join a trek to Mt. Pinatubo
25. Ride on top of a jeepney or bus

(as of May 2014 )

26. Travel to Batanes

(as of August 2015)

27. Have a birthday party with Jollibee (mascot) on it. 


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